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Nevada Hands Free (cell/texting) Bill Imposes Fines Effective January 1, 2012

Reminder the law was effective October lst but with warnings only. As of January
1st, fines may be imposed.  Here is the link to the bill.  (readers
please note the digest of the bill refers to suspension of driver license but
that was taken out of the bill. It's fines only).


Nevada has something to be proud of

We all get frustrated because we love our state but don't often see Nevada referenced in a positive light in national media, but here we go.  When discussing tax incentives a recent New York Times article mentioned Nevada, along with North Carolina, as states that have done a good job developing tax incentives that have standards and accountability.  I'm proud of the work we've done in that area and, as our new economic development plan moves forward, I'm pleased we have done the work we have. 

Here's what the story said about Nevada:

"The new report singled out some states for praise. Nevada and North Carolina’s programs were applauded for having strong wage standards, requirements that employers provide health coverage and pay part of the premium, and requirements that subsidized facilities stay open for a set period of time."

Read the full article here.


Power Foods and Smart Phone Apps...News You Can Use

I recently had the opportunity to attend a great Health Care Summit at Johns Hopkins University.  I learned about innovative new technology for helping those we serve manage illness, especially in the aging and disabled population.  Do you know there are 6,000 apps for smart phones to help you manage your health?  It's all much cheaper than the cost of hospital readmissions which are significantly driving up the cost of medical care. I also learned some great things about personal health.
There are ten (10!) power foods that will keep you healthier.  They are:  Beans, nuts, broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes, kiwi, apples, berries, salmon and eggs.  These foods help prevent cancer and cateracts, lower cholesterol, manage diabetes and have many other attributes.  Check out this video by Lynda McIntyre, Johns Hopkins Nutritionist.


What can you do to help our schools?

Nevada private and public organizations, educators and leaders, non-profit organizations and parents are working together to improve education in our state.  To learn more about this community effort and to get involved please check out the Nevada Public Education Foundation's website. You'll find out it's all about "Me"!


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